Here’s What We Know About Guys and How They Think About Their Clothes:

  • Looking sophisticated but without too much effort is important. How that actually works is a mystery.
  • Finding a look that emphasizes style over trendiness is even tougher. (You’re nobody’s fashion plate.)
  • Walking into a clothier to get measured for a suit seems as fun as a root canal.
  • Buying off the rack at the mall is the easiest option…until something has to be returned.
  • When all else fails, there’s always a woman around who will tell you what to wear.

Thank goodness for safety in clothing. After all, safe feels good, doesn’t it?

If you’re Mr. Rogers.

Or oatmeal.

No One Gets the Win for Playing it Safe. Even in Clothes.

“Fashion” may be marketed as cutting edge. But in reality, it’s really about playing it safe. Playing to the crowd. Doing what “everyone else” is doing.

At Marty Mathis Clothiers, our philosophy is simple: Style counts. Fashion discounts.

When you walk into Marty Mathis, you’re not shopping. You’re investing in a lifestyle. You need a wardrobe that will not only last throughout the year, but will look great for years to come. We want you to look pulled together, no matter what life (or the latest fashion) throws your way.

We’re Into Wardrobes. You’re Into Being Your Own Man.

Our mission is to create a custom-made signature style for every client. Believe it or not, we know underneath that off-the-rack sweater vest of yours is a style icon. We’re not interested in turning guys into fashionistas. We only create looks that are effortless and timeless. Our made-to-measure, comfortable clothing emphasizes your individuality, your personality, your signature style.

Our clients are loyal to us because we’re loyal to them. We build friendships with our clients, giving them exactly what they want: a relaxed, no-pressure shopping experience with a guy’s guy take on the whole “fashion thing.”

So come on in and bring us some attitude. We can take it.

And tell the little lady she’ll have to come up with something else for Christmas this year.