Illustration: Man in Blue Spring suit

“I know that Clothes make the Man, and the Tailor makes the Clothes, but it’s the Man who makes the Tailor.” Marty Mathis

In the Mood to Look Like a Million Bucks?

Cold marble. Black leather. Chrome from floor to ceiling. And a teeny cup of espresso.

Come on. You’re not that guy, are you?

You’re dark wood and worn leather. Pin-up girls and pool tables. Stiff drinks and classic movies.

So are we.

Marty Mathis Clothiers matches your outside to your inside, turning your individual taste into a signature style. Channeling the sex appeal of Humphrey Bogart, the sophistication of Cary Grant, and the devil-may-care attitude of the Rat Pack, we promise you an effortless, tailored look that will last for years to come.

Check out our latest window display if you dare. But pen some time into your calendar. Because you’ll want more.

After crossing the threshold into the Men Den, you’ll be welcomed with a firm handshake and a cold beer. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for looking good, Marty would be happy to beat you at a couple rounds of pool. Once you’re ready to look like a winner, Marty will show you around the joint and fix you into a suit that will take you from boardroom to bedroom.

Like our clothes, our service reflects a lifestyle. Your lifestyle. (And your attitude.)

Each piece from Marty Mathis is tailored to perfection and cut the way the way you want-not the way a designer thinks it should be. Want your trousers a little loose in the waist? Or the shirt a little snug to celebrate your dedication to the gym? Done.

Not the type to care about fashion?

Good. Neither do we. Wear Marty Mathis and say goodbye to shopping malls and returned sweater vests. And say hello to your new signature style.

From sportswear to suits, shoes to cufflinks, invest in a wardrobe of classic pieces that make sense, no matter what career rung you’re perched on. Or who you’re perched with.

Measuring takes minutes. But the wardrobe lasts a lifetime.

So whaddya say? Ready to morph into “that guy?”

Stop by our showroom today and experience Marty Mathis Clothiers’ service yourself. We’ll be waiting for you behind the bar.

“I make a guy look great from the shoulders down. I can’t do anything about the rest… that’s between him and God.”Marty Mathis